Welcome to WebCrazy. My name is David and I do this in my spare time for extra income. My goal is to try to help anyone who has a business to have a website. It is very important in today's era to have a website for your business. Everything is going electronic and with more and more people having access to the internet they use this tool to find what or who ever they are looking for. 

At WebCrazy I believe in getting your website up and running as soon as possible, therefore I create quick, clean and reasonably cheap websites. These simple websites are never larger than 3 or 4 pages and have just the necessary information for your customers to contact you and see what you have to offer. The website normally consist of a Home Page, Contact Page and Services/Products Page.

I do however do other websites also. They vary from bigger html websites to online shopping websites with shopping carts. See my SERVICES for details and pricing.
My main client base is for email only or email and web hosting. I can however create you a website if you need one. I do everything for you from domain name registration through web design and finally hosting it on my server. See below for details and pricing of a basic website or just email hosting.

Website Design and Hosting:

1. Domain Registration of (.co.za) domain   -  
    - this is a yearly payment to keep the domain
2. Hosting of your website on the internet   -  
R150 - R450 depending on size and traffic.
    - this is a monthly cost for the hosting of your website.
3. Website Design (if required)   -  
R2500 upwards depending on the amount of work.
    - this is a once off cost for the designing of your website.
4. Any further changes/updates to the website are charged at

Email Hosting:

1. Domain Registration of (.co.za) domain   -  
    - this is a yearly payment to keep the domain.
2. Email hosting  - 
R100 per month

My hosting services comes with NO web space limit, NO bandwidth limit and NO limit
to amount of email address. I also strive to give you the best and quickest possible service.
As I mostly supply email and hosting services, I don't design many websites but have done many for myself over the years and can make one for you if you wish. Below are 2 active websites which I have created. Have a look at it to get an idea of my work.


1. www.castlemania.co.za   -  Jumping Castle for Hire Website
2. www.orientalspa.co.za     -  Massage Spa Website
Domain Registration or Yearly Renewal Fee - R125.
Email Hosting Service -
R100 monthly.
Basic Web Hosting plus Email Service -
R150 monthly.
Intermediate Web Hosting plus Email Service -
R250 monthly.
Advanced Web Hosting with database plus Email Service -
R450 monthly.
Website Editing / Updating Service -
R150 per hour.

If you are interested in a bigger website or maybe an online shopping website then contact me so we can discuss your requirements and then I can supply you with a quote.

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